Deflection Dimension

Game Synopsis

Deflection Dimension is a 2D, top down, dungeon crawler, in which you must progress through various themed, randomly generated levels in order find a way to get back home. You have no weapons to fight with, but you do have a magic mirror that you will use to deflect the projectiles of your enemies back at them. You’ll fight through countless rooms, enemies, and bosses and although it won’t be easy, it will be fun.


You'll follow Tim, the protagonist of our story, as he finds himself in another dimension, after being sucked through a portal he’d found in his grandparents’ attic.

Tim has entered the Deflection Dimension. Here, he’ll have to use nothing but a magic mirror, Speculo, to fight through countless enemies, environments, and bosses in hopes of finding a way back home.

The game’s levels will always be randomly generated and you’ll gain a diverse range of power ups and special effects throughout, which will have various positive and negative impacts on Tim, meaning your playthroughs will be different every time, no matter what game mode you’re playing.