Deflection Dimension

Who Are We?

Ricoshot Games is a brand new studio consisting of five creative, passionate, and motivated individuals, based in the heart of Sheffield, England. Our aim is to create games which are fantastic, fresh, and most importantly, fun.

We have recently began production on our upcoming title, Deflection Dimension, which we will soon be releasing on several platforms, including PC and mobile.

What We're Doing

Our first game, Deflection Dimension, will be a 2D, top down, dungeon crawler, in which you must progress through various themed, randomly generated levels in order find a way to get back home. You have no weapons to fight with, but you do have a magic mirror that you will use to deflect the projectiles of your enemies back at them. You'll fight through countless rooms, enemies, and bosses and although it won't be easy, it will be fun.

The Team

Yen-My Phung

Lead Designer &
Environment Artist

Yen-My Phung is our Team Leader and Lead Designer. She'll be controlling the art style, look, and feel of our game, and focusing on key environment art, such as floors, walls, and more. As Team Leader, Yen will also be working on a lot more behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Kieran Howlett

Programmer &
Systems Manager

Kieran Howlett is our Programmer and Web Developer. He's the one who created our website, and he'll be working very closely with Jack to implement our characters, environments, power up effects, different game modes, and more.

Shahbaz Siddiqui

Sound Designer,
Environment Artist &
Social Media/PR Manager

Shahbaz Siddiqui is our Sound Designer, Artist, and Social Media/PR Manager. He'll be creating all of the sound effects and music for our game, as well as designing various environmental objects, such as blockages, trap doors, and more. Shahbaz is also our Social Media Manager.

Jack Tacey

Lead Programmer

Jack Tacey is our Lead Programmer. He's in charge of our very complicated level generation system. He's built the foundations of our game and will constantly be upgrading the level system, as well as adding many more features as we progress.

Connor Rutchenkov

Lead Character Artist &

Connor Rutchenkov is our Lead Character Artist and Character Animator. He's the mind behind all the character's you'll see in our game, ranging from Tim, your protagonist, to the elemental trio you'll see much later on.

Where To Find Us

We currently don’t have any events scheduled, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to meet us and play our game soon. Keep checking back right here and we will update you as soon as we have any events planned.

To find out about any other events, stay up to date with our social media pages! Or why not sign up to our